What to expect when leasing your Property:

The first step to leasing your property is to determine a fair market value. By doing this, your property will be inspected, its condition, size, location… etc and compared to similar properties like it. Once a rental rate is determined and agreed upon you will sign a Leasing Agreement giving myself and authorization to begin marketing your property to prospective tenants.

Once a tenant applies to lease your property, we will run a full background check, credit report, criminal records, etc. Once a tenant is approved through our system, I will notify you with information on the tenant giving you final approval for them. Once agreed upon, tenant will sign the new lease and pay a deposit securing the home until move in date. On day of move in, I will meet the tenant at the home, collect rent funds and turn over keys, garage remotes, etc. With full Property Management services, I will inspect the property on day of move in completing a thorough walk thru and Tenant will sign off on the condition of property, this is the same form used when they move out noting condition of property upon vacating. During the term of the lease I will continue to inspect the property and address any issues. I handle all tenant relations. During the last 30 -60 days of the lease term, if you wish to continue leasing, the property will be marketed and shown in order to minimize vacancy time between tenants. The following is some additional information on fees involved and performance guarantees.

Leasing and Management *Information and fees*

1) Qualified Tenants must have good rental history; pass background checks, credit report approvals and have stable employment and income.

2) Leasing fee is equal to half of a full month’s rent with Full Property Management Service .

3) Monthly Management fees are equal to 10% of the rental amount. Fee covers all tenant relations, maintenance coordinations, drive-bys, walk-thrus, collecting rent, monthly statements and direct deposits and more.

4) You will be informed of any maintenance or repairs required on the property, invoices will be paid out of rent funds and copies of all invoices will be forwarded to you along with your monthly statements.

5) Advertising is included in the Leasing service; Internet sites include,, Multiple Listing Service,,, and much more. Additional advertising will be through personal websites and signs placed on the property if allowed through HOA.


1) You will receive the best advertising in the business; your property will be exposed to thousands of prospective tenants and agents both locally and nationally.

2) You will receive an up to date Market Analysis to assure your home is priced to rent at a competitive rate.

3) Your property will be shown at your convenience OR Anytime, day, night or weekend, as long as it is not an inconvenience to you.

4) You will be updated throughout the leasing process providing you feedback on showings, status and interest of tenants.

6) Throughout the term of the lease, your property will be inspected periodically making sure tenants are properly taking care of it and keeping up with basic maintenance.

7) You will also be updated throughout the term of the lease on feedback of any problems, maintenance issues and/or tenant relations.

8) My goal is to keep good communication with the landlords from the beginning and throughout the entire leasing process providing a great experience to you.

If you are interested in leasing services please feel free to call us anytime (813) 335- 7097 with additional questions you may also email to: . We are often in neighborhoods all over the South Hillsborough county area and will gladly stop by anytime to meet you and to give you an up to date evaluation of your home, fair market rental rate and answer all of your questions.